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Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Crew Training

Crew Training

Education Crew Taining
Our Kalmar Nyckel volunteer crew training courses are the ultimate in experiential education and inspirational, too! That's why interesting people come to Kalmar Nyckel from all over the world Europe, South America, and Canada in just this past year alone.

To learn more about our volunteer crew training classes or other unique volunteer opportunities, contact the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation office at 302.429.744 or CaptainSharon@kalmarnyckel.org.

Visit the volunteer link to learn more about how to Join the Sailing Crew.


Kalmar Nyckel : Education : Crew Training

Did you know: That Peter Minuit died in a Caribbean hurricane in August of 1638 on the first voyage back to Sweden, but that Kalmar Nyckel survived?

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