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Summer Crew Training

Knot tying

Please fill out the below link to get your name on the interest list for 2018 summer crew training class.  Thank you, Capt. Sharon

The Kalmar Nyckel's summer crew training class is an intensive course designed for both Delaware locals and for out-of-state volunteers.  This physically demanding, two and a half week course includes everything you need to know in order to become a sailing crew member.  You will attend eight formal classes where you'll learn about setting sails, knots, safety drills, and more.  You will also attend less formal workshops focusing on hands-on knot tying, climbing (optional), line handling, and practical seamanship skills.  When you're not in class, you'll be sailing as a trainee, staffing the land-based gift shop tent, or participating in a study session ashore.  There are a handful of ship maintenance days and some watch-keeping duties in addition to the classes, workshops, and sailing.  This class will fully consume most of your time from day one until the end of class.  That being said, a few social activities are planned, so you can relax and enjoy the company of your new crew mates.  You will make many new friends and gain a greater appreciation for history as you learn to sail a 17th century square-rigged ship!  No experience needed!

When is the class and how do I sign up? The 2018 dates are August 14-31, starting in Lewes and ending in New Castle, DE.  Click the link below to let us know of your interest.  Information will be sent out in the order which we received inquiries.  There is limited space in this class.  PLEASE DO NOT SEND FEES or your VOLUNTEER APPLICATION until you receive your e-mailed invitation for a spot in the class!  Further instructions will be provided in the invitation e-mail.

Live-aboard trainees:  There are 10 spots for live-aboard trainees.  These are people coming from anywhere that is too far to commute to class (out of state, out of the country)
Local trainees: If you could commute to the ship each day (Lewes and New Castle), please ask for a local spot.
Where: The Kalmar Nyckel will be docked at Lewes, Delaware and New Castle, Delaware. Most classes will be held on board the ship.  Some classes may be held on the dock, depending on the schedule.
Non-refundable fees:  $135.42 locals/$180.42 live-aboards  ($117.50/$162.50 payable at registration, $17.92 payable directly to the on-line background check company) The fee includes a $60 materials fee, a one-time fee of $42.50 for a initial USCG drug test, a donation towards your food $15 locals/$60 live-aboards, and $17.92 for a background check (due before the last day of class).  DO NOT SEND $$ or Applications at this time!  Wait for your e-mailed invitation to ensure there are spots remaining!

Put me on the list to get more information! (click here) 

This class is almost full!


Belaying practice


Kalmar Nyckel : Volunteers : Summer Crew Training

Did you know: That today's Kalmar Nyckel was launched in 1997 in Wilmington, DE?

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