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Where is Kalmar NyCkel? Our sailing season is over. Thank you for helping us make 2016 a great season! Check our website for upcoming events.
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Avast, mateys!
Celebrate Darwin Day with Captain Lauren & Matt Sarver
Captain Lauren & Naturalist Sarver are featured speakers at this year's International Darwin Day -- University of Delaware's Interdisciplinary Science Learning Laboratories, Monday, Feb. 13th. Reserve a seat at isll-info@udel.edu
Free Lego Shipbuilding Contest and Event
Join us as we launch our 2nd Annual FREE Lego Ship Building Contest and Event on Saturday, March 4th from 10:00am-3:00pm. We will play games and award prizes for different categories of ships. Don't miss the boat!
Kalmar Nyckel Guest Bartending Night at Brandywine Brewing Company
Join the Kalmar Nyckel at the Brandywine Brewing Company on Tuesday, February 28th from 6-9 pm for a night of fun, food, and drink! 100% of your tips and 10% of your dinner bill will be donated to the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation! Click here to make a donation early!
New Promotional Video!
Want to get a first-hand view of what it's like to sail with the Kalmar Nyckel? Check out our exciting new promotional video, which highlights the ship's history, as well as our educational programming and facilities!
Rent the Copeland Maritime Center For Your Private Event!
The Copeland Maritime Center is the perfect venue for your private gala, party, wedding, or event reception. A replica of the ship's Main Deck, the Forney boat collection, and other unique exhibits provide an ideal backdrop for any gathering. Bring in the caterer of your choice and outside music and entertainment to complete your perfect evening! Also available for meetings and conferences.

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel served as a warship for the Swedish navy?

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