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COVID-19 Updates

Avast, mateys!
KALMAR NYCKEL Sailing Season changes
We regret that our summer sails are cancelled due to COVID-19. Please stay tuned for special KALMAR NYCKEL ship appearances at the Wilmington Riverfront in July - and discover our remarkable story with family and friends! Questions: call weekdays: 302.429.7447.
Wilmington Pirate Festival - CANCELLED!
Sorry mates! We must CANCEL the 6th annual Wilmington Pirate Festival until better winds surround our ship & crew. Expect us back in 2021! ARRR you with us for scurvy family fun?
KALMAR NYCKEL Ship Store online
Get your KALMAR NYCKEL t-shirts, ball caps, pirate wear, DVD, and book online here or call 302.429.7447 on weekdays.
Educational Video Series - Free to Teachers and Public!
Produced aboard our Tall Ship, a series of free Educational Videos that bring to life colonial days on ship and shore. For all ages! To learn more please contact David Livingstone david.livingstone@KalmarNyckel.org

Did you know: That Peter Minuit led the expedition that founded the New Sweden colony?

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