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Catherine Parsells, Executive Director  (cparsells@kalmarnyckel.org)

Samuel Heed, Esq., Senior Historian & Director of Education (sheed@kalmarnyckel.org)

Captain Sharon Dounce, Port Captain and Relief Captain (captainsharon@kalmarnyckel.org)

Captain Lauren Morgens, Ship's Master (captainlauren@kalmarnyckel.org)

David Livingstone, Assistant Director of Education (david.livingstone@kalmarnyckel.org)

Jan Ross, Director of Marketing and Public Relations (jan.ross@kalmarnyckel.org)

Bill Hutchison, Lead Educator, Emeritus (volunteer)

Mary Ann Connelly, Administrator (mconnelly@kalmarnyckel.org)

Ann Godley, Captain's Office Assistant (volunteer@kalmarnyckel.org)

Jim Fitzgerald, Chief Mate/Engineer (james.fitzgerald@kalmarnyckel.org)

Enmanuel Portes, Second Mate/Education Officer (e.portes@kalmarnyckel.org)

Greg Brown, Chef

Kalmar Nyckel : About Us : Staff

Did you know: That Peter Minuit died in a Caribbean hurricane in August of 1638 on the first voyage back to Sweden, but that Kalmar Nyckel survived?

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