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Today's Kalmar Nyckel

Come Aboard - Bow Shot
The present-day Kalmar Nyckel serves as floating classroom and inspirational centerpiece for the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation’s award-winning educational programs, engaging students of all ages and stimulating them to learn more about Delaware’s rich maritime and colonial history.  The ship is owned and operated by the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation, a non-profit organization that offers a broad array of sea- and land-based learning and recreational experiences.   

Built at the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation’s shipyard on Wilmington’s historic 7th Street Peninsula, the modern Kalmar Nyckel was launched into the Christina River in 1997, about 200 yards downstream from the site of the original ship’s first landing at “the Rocks” in March of 1638.

The new Kalmar Nyckel sails daily from April to November, voyaging over 3,000 nautical miles each year.  She sails from her home port in Wilmington, her second port in Lewes, Delaware, and visits ports-of-call along the Eastern Seaboard from Virginia to New England.  The ship is served by a crew of 300 active volunteers and USCG-certified officers, including the ship’s captain, a relief captain, first mate, and second mate/lead educator.  In addition to sailing, the volunteer crew maintains the ship each winter season and delivers much of the Foundation’s educational program
throughout the year

As a full-scale and faithful re-creation of Peter Minuit’s original flagship that founded the colony of New Sweden on the Delaware, the new Kalmar Nyckel provides a unique platform for the Foundation’s educational programming as well as a venue for diplomatic, recreational, governmental, and commemorative functions 
— a sea-going “good will ambassador” for the state of Delaware.

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Kalmar Nyckel : History : Today's Kalmar Nyckel

Did you know: That today's Kalmar Nyckel was launched in 1997 in Wilmington, DE?

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