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Would you like to keep history alive by working with school children to share the story of the Kalmar Nyckel ?

Our education program for school children is taught by trained volunteer educators who present exciting, interactive material at stations including blacksmithing, the colony of New Sweden, ship's cannons, trade and economics, 17th-century navigation, life at sea, mechanical advantage, setting sail, and, of course, history.  Field trips of school students participate in a land-based education program or an underway program onboard the ship, or a combination of both.

Volunteers are welcome to join as educators. New volunteer educators will be paired up with experienced volunteers for on-the-job training right from the start.  If you are interested in becoming more involved with the operations of the ship, consider joining as a sailing crew member as well (click here).  Many of our sailing crew members are also active as educators, so you can do both.  For more information contact emilyneal@kalmarnyckel.org.

 To get started:

1) Fill out our four-page volunteer application, and send/bring it to our office, Attn: Ann Godley

2) Join our random drug testing program at your expense ($42.50).  Click here to register.  Once you have registered please contact our office: volunteer@kalmarnyckel.org.  We will then send you the necessary drug testing form.  IF YOU HAVE SIGNED UP FOR ONE OF OUR CREW TRAINING SESSIONS, THE DRUG TESTING CHARGE ($42.50) IS PART OF YOUR REGISTRATION FEE ... NO NEED TO CLICK HERE.

3) Our Youth Protection Policy requires a background check for all volunteers and staff. This too is at your expense ($18.82) and must be completed before you start volunteering.  Submit your on-line background check and use the password KalmarNyckel. Follow the link when you are at a computer with a printer. Be sure to enter your e-mail address in the payment window, and click all the way until it says "submit."   Then print out the last page and bring or mail it to Ann Godley in our office for our records. (KNF, Attn: Ann Godley, 1124 E 7th St, Wilmington, DE 19801)

4) Contact Emily Neal, who coordinates our education volunteers, emilyneal@kalmarnyckel.org. She will confirm your background check, then will help schedule your first training session.

5) Learn more about the Kalmar Nyckel story before your first training by reading our FREE on-line Guidebook.

 We welcome your participation! 

Kalmar Nyckel : Volunteers : Become an Educator

Did you know: That Peter Minuit led the expedition that founded the New Sweden colony?

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