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World Trade Cards

World Trade Incentives
Our World Trade Cards were developed to support the 5th Grade Economics Unit, Thinking Economically.  Each of twelve (12) cards addresses a different economic concept from the Content Standards, including the basics of "scarcity," "trade,"  "production," "specialization and interdependence," and "incentive"  as well as the differences between "natural," "human," and "capital" resources.  Specialty cards highlight "international trade," the emergence of a "global economy," and how shipping remains an important feature of the "modern world."

Our World Trade Cards are now available online.  Click here to download the card in PDF format. If you have any questions, please contact the Kalmar Nyckel Foundation office at 302.429.7447 or email us at [email protected].

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Wold trade cards

Kalmar Nyckel : Teacher Resources : World Trade Cards

Did you know: That both Swedes and Finns were part of Kalmar Nyckel's first voyage, since Finland was part of the Swedish realm until 1809?

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