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Where is Kalmar NyCkel? We're stopping at Schaefer's Canal House in Chesapeake City for FREE tours Wednesday, September 17th 4-7pm. Stop on by for a bite to eat and see the ship!
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Avast, mateys!
King Neptune Gala
Join us for the annual KN Gala at our NEW SHIPYARD SITE the evening of October 25th! A grand opening will take place Sunday afternoon, October 26th. More details to follow, but mark your calendars now.
Welcome Aboard, Jordi!
We are excited to welcome Jordi Noort, our new international intern from the Netherlands. Jordi is a student at the Maastricht School for Translation and Interpretation. He specializes in translations and will help the education team conduct historical research about the original Kalmar Nyckel. Welcome aboard, Jordi!

Did you know: That both Swedes and Finns were part of Kalmar Nyckel's first voyage, since Finland was part of the Swedish realm until 1809?

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