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Where is Kalmar NyCkel? The Weather will be Sunny and Warm This Weekend Come Sail with Us on Wilmington's Christina River
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Avast, mateys!
Public Grand Opening of the Copeland Maritime Center at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard
We welcome you to join us as we celebrate the public grand opening of the Copeland Maritime Center at the Kalmar Nyckel Shipyard! There are many activities planned for the whole family: Nautical themed games,Blacksmith demonstration, Cannon firing demonstration, How to Set and Douse a Sail, Navigation lessons, and Starting A Colony, Tour aboard Kalmar Nyckelís Main Deck, Public Opening of The Forney Collection Watercraft of the World, Demonstrations for the environmentally-sound landscape plans, Water Taxi rides (additional fee required), plus more!
Join us for our next Toddler Tuesday on August 4th!
In anticipation of the arrival of Miss Ginny's little one and following Maternity Leave, Toddler Tuesdays at The Kalmar Nyckel Foundation will take a brief hiatus. Please join us when Toddler Tuesdays starts again on August 4, 2015!

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel was a "Dutch Pinnace," a new class of gun-armed merchant ship that could also serve as a naval vessel?

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