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COVID-19 Updates

Avast, mateys!
Volunteer Open House
Join one of our 90 minute virtual open houses and learn what it takes for you to join our volunteer sailing crew training class. The captain will take you on a tour and elaborate on how we will run a training class during a global pandemic. Open house dates: Dec. 19th, Jan. 16, Feb. 6. Pre-register needed.
Virtual Education Programs - now booking!
Our virtual school programs will take you to new heights & places you can't see on a sail! Inquire about our education programs: David Livingstone, Assist. Director of Education, David.Livingstone@KalmarNyckel.org
Holiday Gifts? KALMAR NYCKEL Ship Store online
Shop right here! KALMAR NYCKEL DVD's, books and merchandise make great holiday gifts. Order online or call 302.429.7447 weekdays 9am-1pm.
Copeland Maritime Center closed for public tours
Our Maritime Center is closed to the public until further notice due to COVID-19. We look forward to re-opening. Small group visits are available by appointment only. Please check back, follow us on Facebook/Kalmar Nyckel or call 302.429.7447 for updates. Decisions concerning operations are based on the guidance of Local, State, and Federal officials.
We plan to reopen to the public October for sails! This is subject to change, based on Delaware's COVID numbers. Please do not come if you're sick or have been exposed to someone who's been sick. Masks must be worn at all times on the ship as well as on campus. Sailing passengers must be age 9 or older. Social Distanced locations on the ship are identified for your safety, but crew and other guests may pass by eachother to operate the ship/get to the designated socially distanced spots. We are not opening our snack bar this season. Additional disinfecting is scheduled before each sail, and hand sanitizer will be available on board. Thank you for your patience! We are trying our best to provide some adventure and entertainment during these unusual times!

Did you know: That Kalmar Nyckel has 8 miles of rigging?

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